Choosing a Personal Trainer can be a bit of a minefield and also daunting if you are new to exercise. I imagine you have a ton of questions: "Will I get on with them?", "What will they make me do?", "How soon will I see results/reach my goals?", "Will it be painful?!". 

First and foremost, I believe exercise should be FUN! I'm not saying it will be easy but if you don't enjoy it, you won't stick to it and consistency is key when it comes to reaching and maintaining your goals. 

When we first meet, we will have a chat to get to know each other and agree a way forward to reach your personal goals whilst considering your preferences, other commitments and experience. 


However, before we make contact, I imagine you'd like to know a bit more about me...

My adult life began with a Business Studies degree and a number of years as an Executive Assistant in London. Marriage and a baby followed and during that time, I reassessed my future career. I decided to follow my dream of a career in the health and fitness industry and subsequently qualified as a Level 2 and Level 3 Personal Trainer. I am currently studying towards Nutrition and Corrective Exercise qualifications.

The past few years I have been immersing myself in all things fitness and have been putting my knowledge into action, working at a fabulous local gym. I have now set up K Personal Training and am taking on clients to train at my home in Marlow or at your home (within 5 miles of Marlow) if you prefer.